Career Advantage

Career Advantage is the Supported Employment Program under Advance Inc. Career Advantage is located at the Old Sanctuary Building in Brookings, SD. Career Advantage is a private service provider.

Career Advantage provides employment services such as Job Placement, Job Coaching, Follow Along, Situational Assessments, Vocational Evaluations, and Project Skills for disabled individuals requiring assistance to obtain and maintain employment in the community. Career Advantage emphasizes integrated work coupled with support within the business community. Services are based on the philosophy that all individuals can work and have the right to work in the community. Career Advantage does not place individuals into jobs, we work with each client to develop the skills necessary to obtain employment.

Career Advantage’s client base includes students transitioning from high school special education programs, adult job seekers, and people who are already employed but may require some assistance to become more independent on the jobs. Services are individualized to meet the needs of clients.

One-on-One Supported Employment services include:

Career Counseling & Occupational Exploration:

Career Advantage engages participants to identify employment skills, interests, and goals.

Job Preparation:

As needed, Career Advantage staff assist participants to develop work-related skills, attitudes, behaviors, and functional capacities to successfully achieve employment goals.

Job Development and Placement: Career Advantage staff uses vocational assessment information to target jobs that result in a good fit for employers and the client.

Job Coaching and Follow Along Support Services: To ensure long-term success on the job, Career Advantage assists participants with learning new job tasks and helps them understand job cultures and industry practices. We will maintain contact with you and your employer until your case is successfully closed with the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS).

Career Advantage provides Supported Employment services free of charge to all clients connected to a third party funding source. This often includes SD DHS-DRS or other funding sources that Career Advantage may be working with at the time of services.

Career Advantage staff members are equipped to provide services specifically to people with disabilities. Staff receive ongoing training so they are knowledgeable in the area of resources and other programs that have the potential to benefit clients.


In order to participate in the Supported Employment program, clients must meet the following criteria (Please note that this may be reviewed at any time and an applicant may be required to provide documentation proving eligibility):

  • Be at least 16 years old.

  • Have a disability that interferes with the ability to be gainfully employed in the community.

  • Possess a state-issued identification card and a social security card.

  • Be legally eligible to work in the United States.

  • Have enough independent function and that does not require indefinite one-on-one staff assistance, unless the client is able to hire a personal assistant.

  • Maintain conduct that doesn’t endanger one’s self or others.

  • Must be eligible for third party funding.

  • Be able to complete all the requirements of our intake process, such as signing release forms and providing emergency procedure/contact information.


SD Department of Human Services

Division of Rehabilitation Services

Office and Contact Information for Division of Rehabilitation Services

Services to the Blind and Visually Impaired

For additional information regarding Vocational Rehabilitation services please contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation office.

For Career Advantage service inquiries, please contact the program’s Director, Matt Simet at 605-695-8471 or at