Medical Services

Our Medical Services staff currently includes one Registered Nurse, one Licensed Practical Nurse, Three medical services assistants, and a Dietitian Consultant. We also have a contract with a local pharmacy for daily medication delivery. This service is available to individuals that receive Residential and Day Services with Advance.

Medical Services staff are committed to providing excellent care and work closely with internal staff, as well as external entities, to ensure that individualized health care needs are met according to each person's preferences.

Our nurse's also have an on-call system to ensure that a nurse is always available. Our Nurse's work closely with all of our staff members, monitoring and checking in on each individual.

Medical Services supports individuals to ensure their best possible health. We will assist people with choosing health care services to best match each persons needs and wants. Staff work with local medical experts as well as traveling across the region to find specialist's; this ranges from Sioux Falls all the way to the Twin Cities.

Medical Services assist each individual in scheduling and accompanying them to a broad range of medical professionals including: Vision, Dental, Medical, Urology, OT/PT, Psychiatry, Neurology and Mental Health. Specializations that we work with are: Acute Care, Seizure Disorders, J & G Tube feeding tubes, PKU diets, Wheelchair Repair, AFO & Standers and Dental Sedation.

ADVANCE's Medical Services team believes in assisting individual's to make sure all parts of someone's life work together.