Internal Support Coordination

Our Internal Support Coordination Department currently consists of: The Director of Support Services, Two Internal Support Coordinators and the Clerical Assistant.

Internal Support Coordinators assist people in the development of his or her personalized support plan in the areas of home, work and community to attain his or her desired dreams and goals. The development of the personalized plans are driven by individualized choice and natural support networks. Once the personalized plan is developed, the Internal Support Coordinator works together with the person and their internal team to ensure the supports and services identified within the plan are carried out. Revisions to the personalized plan are done in accordance to the person’s desires and needs. The department is committed to obtaining and implementing best practices, state of the art principles and technologies that may enhance services. Our department serves as the liaison with the person's external conflict free case manager.

Internal Support Coordination embraces the 21 Outcomes as prescribed by the Council on Quality and Leadership:

The Internal Support Coordination Department embraces Person Centered Thinking and use a variety of tools to help in all areas of support.

The Related to Your Services Handbook includes a collection of essential information. It includes an educational component regarding Rights and Freedom from Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation as well as important policies, procedures, and practices of ADVANCE.